Cochlear Implant International Community of Action (CIICA) will be celebrating its first birthday on International CI day, 25 February, and thanks to all from the Steering Group and CIICA team for all the support we have had, particularly from EURO-CIU members and President Teresa Amat, Vice President Robert Mandara and Secretary Beatrice Cusmai.

We now have 330 individual members and 74 organisations globally supporting our goal of making CI and lifelong services available for all who could benefit. If you haven’t joined, please do…by clicking here; and have a look at the website. We will be asking you to help us celebrate in the New Year and look to the future.

We have some important new research: Cochlear implants in deaf and deafened adults: A global consultation on lifelong aftercare. CIICA is delighted to have got a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Canada, via York University, Toronto with the Principal Investigator being Professor Connie Mayer.

These are our objectives:

  • To gather global information on the rehabilitation provision and needs of deaf and deafened adults after cochlear implantation.
  • To identify the long-term technical support provided and required after implantation in the views of adult CI users.
  • To analyse the information by country, age at implantation, and length of time implanted to ensure that support is responsive and sensitive to contextual and cultural differences.
  • To develop a report on the range of services and supports currently provided, and those that adults users identify as areas of need, with recommendations.
  • To channel knowledge and insights gained from the proposed research directly into the work of CIICA and to the existing academic research on cochlear implantation in adults.
  • To work collaboratively with the global community of adult CI users to empower user-led advocacy to influence governments and health funders in addressing CI provision.

In January we will be sending you the invitation to participate – so asking CI users – what have you received following implantation – and what would you like? This will be an opportunity to influence lifelong Adult CI provision – an often-neglected area.

Click here for website.


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