„Holistic Care of Cochlear Implanted Children – A Step Closer” is the theme of the 14th European Symposium on Paediatric Cochlear Implantation, hosted by Bucharest International Conference Center, from 16th to 19th October 2019.

„The European Symposium on Paediatric Cochlear Implantation is one of the largest international events focusing on paediatric cochlear implantation that has gained reputation as a leading meeting in the field of auditory implants in children.  It is a great opportunity to bring together scientists, clinicians, engineers, speech therapists and technicians to share their valuable knowledge and experience.  It is also an opportunity for young professionals to develop by learning about the latest developments, presenting their own work, to receive professional feedback and to discuss numerous subjects with presenters and other participants.

We also welcome the parents of children with cochlear implants, teenagers, and adult CI recipients, and encourage them to interact with professionals, and EURO-CIU will be there!

The scientific program will cover state-of-the-art methods for evaluating the whole auditory system using subjective methods but also electrophysiology, genetic and imaging, personalized surgery, fitting and speech therapy, advances in auditory implants technologies, and robotics.” (from the welcome address by Luminița Rădulescu MD, PhD, Congress President)

For details see ESPCI website.


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